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March 19-22, 2018

New York University, New York

In partnership with New York University Africa House, we hereby wish to invite you to our Entrepreneurial Leaders Conference in New York in March 2018.

Entrepreneurial concept

This program will introduce participants to the entrepreneurial concept, in university leadership as well as encourage an entrepreneurial mind-set and behavior in managing the operations of educational institutions. It will offer the opportunity and platform to learn timeless skills/principles for managing and responding to change.


The program offers university managers the opportunity and platform to interact with influential policy makers, leading vice-chancellors and experts in the field of university education, and giving them the opportunity to learn timeless skills/principles for responding to current and potential future change thereby becoming institutional entrepreneurial leaders.


Such potential ‘entrepreneurial leaders’ not only benefit from this program as individuals but they also return to their institution with the innovative knowledge required to overcome and drive change within their institution.

If you are interested in speaking at the event, please submit your application.

Meet the Team

Real Stories. Real Strategies

What to Expect?

Learn Why To Attend The Attitude Conference
This program is designed for senior leaders within the university sector who are:

Leadership responsibility

Saddled with the responsibility to lead change within their institution and guide the institution’s strategic direction.

Expert Speakers

Best in class expert speakers who have extensive knowledge of the topic. All speakers are curated by the panel of experts.

Opportunity Awareness

Able to perceive opportunities for entrepreneurial activity especially in resource constrained environments.

Learn How to face Challenges

Concerned about the challenges of research capability, student employability, enterprise and student attainments.

Meet People around the globe!

Meet the people attending this event around the globe. This will be the best opportunity to meet and greet people from your industry.


Keen to extend their networks and learn more about higher education.

2018 Program details

Learn, Collaborate, Share
  • Module 1

    With a focus on the concept of the Entrepreneurial University, participants will hear from vice-chancellors about the entrepreneurial challenges they face and how they are meeting them. Participants will be put into tutor groups where they will be supported by our alumni to explore case studies and strategies to face change. These tutor groups will also meet in between modules.

  • Module 2

    The second module applies the knowledge gained from module one to practical endeavors. Hearing from universities and considering case studies including those based on the host institution, participants will learn how to face challenges within higher education setting. Participants will also identify ways to change and innovate within their own institutions.

  • Final Module

    The final module focuses on actions for change. Participants will be supported to plan for entrepreneurial change within their own university. Participants will hear from leading policy makers to explore some of the current issues facing them and their institution.

  • Tour

    New York City tour and group photograph

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